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New.. Hungry 4 Me?

Name:Kaytee Colabella
Pet peeve:when white clothes have stains on them
Guilty pleasure:hehe.. i sometimes like to start drama but its only the tryth when i do
Favorite movie:heh clueless >.<
Why you should be accepted: i think i should be accepted bc i need friends and i will feel really special if i do get accepted.. itll make me happy =)


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also, put everything behind an lj-cut!!
whats wrong n also how do u do the whole lj cut thing?
uhhhh sure
i was gonna say no, but i think if u didnt wear so much make up then ud be really pretty
i totally said yes to you on my community, needta_be_loved

so yes again!
uh sure
I like your piercings but your eyebrows bother the shit outta me.

vote and promote!
P.S. i made the stamp myself, you like?
that is the CUTEST stamp ive ever seen .. beyond adorable =]